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    Cries of War is the 2nd full length release from
    -This Ottawa band delivers the metallic goods with surprisingly high quality levels here, everything from production sound (top notch) to playing ability (excellent) being at the big league levels.
    The band plays a strain of thrash that’s somewhere between Germany and Vancouver, kind of like a DESTRUCTION-lite by way of Jeff Waters filtered through, classic EXCITER.
    Hard to believe this one is an indie, with so much thrash revival stuff going on out there these days on big metal labels; maybe it’s that there’s more trad metal here, mainly in the gruff “melodic” vox and stomping, four on the floor anthemic choruses. I mean, check out the 1:36 ‘Leatherhead’, or the blood-pumping ‘We Are The Ones’… if you’ve got metal in your veins, this is as good as it gets, in many ways!

    01. Cries of War
    02. Homicide
    03. Hellhounds
    04. Leatherhead
    05. Life Erodes
    06. Metal til you Puke
    07. Out for Blood
    08. This is a test
    09. We are the Ones
    10. Canadian Metal (Featuring: Dan Beehler,
    Brian Stephenson, Spencer Le Von, Scott Walsh)


This is Joe Thrasher's contribution on shipping cost
for those who wants the real "Hard Copy !".

Album cover illustration by: Joe Petagno
an artist known principally for creating images
used on heavy metal album covers, for bands such as
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Motörhead.

Today, enjoy his creation for Canadian's own Capital
Metal Band Joe Thrasher.


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